Hello! My name is Sarah Kusnadi and I’m a commercial food and product photographer based in Barcelona.


· Food & product photography
· Photography for brands and gastronomy


· Availability to work independently or with a small team.
· Perfect illumination of your products.
· Creation of special visual effects to enhance your product.
· Post production and retouching of the photos to achieve a clean final image to be used for many different purposes.


· Born in Hilden near Düsseldorf, Germany

· In Barcelona since 2009.

Graphic designer first, then textile design engineer and now food photographer.

For me, photography is the perfect symbiosis between technology and art. In photography I can apply and combine all my studies and work experiences: graphic design in relation to composition, aesthetics and photo editing and my technical inclination being a textile engineer.

I am doing photography since more than 10 years now. I tried out different fields of photography just like portrait, street, landscape and product. In 2019 I realized that what really apassionates me, is food and product photography.

Are you interested in working with me and create something memorable?

Please do not hesitate contacting me by WhatsApp, E-mail, Telephone:

Email: contacto@sarahkusnadi.com

Tel. +34 644 13 31 71


· My surname Kusnadi comes originally from Indonesia. My father is of chinese origin and was born in Djakarta.

· My favorite colour is washed out ocean pastel bluegreen (makes me dream of holidays).

· My favourite dish is dim sum dumplings. Can’t resist.

· I have a driving license for big motorbikes. I made it with 18 years and have never been on a big motorbike since, although I would love to.

· When I was in kindergarden, I draw a dinosaur with three legs. It was obvious to me, that the fourth leg was hidden behind the other foreleg but the grown ups didn’t understand anything about perspective and thought, i had drawn a three legged dinosaur.

· I think in three languages, depending of who I am thinking of (I have a very active inner monologue I guess)

· I love series. I love them so much that I (almost always) watch even the bad ones until their final chapter. Can’t help it.