Beverage and liquid photography can almost be called an own sector inside the photography genre. It surely is a specialty of it’s own inside food photography.

Shiny bottles and liquid objects require a lot of carefullness while photographing it. You have to pay special attention to avoid reflections in the surfaces. Generally speaking, the photographer works with several artificial light sources, further more different diffusors and modifiers to shape, reflect or block the light. To freeze liquids it is necessary to work with high speed flashes, a post production that is generally very work intense and can, in many cases, exceed the duration of the shooting itself.

Since childhood I am very fascinated by everything liquid and transparent. The beauty of a chrystal glass bottle, the way liquids behave when pouring them is a very personal passion of mine and that is why I specialized in beverage and liquids photography. Further more, I love working in the studio, controlling light and shadows and its effects.

I make photos of drinks, beverages and liquid food products just like oil, vinegar or honey. Simple photos with neutral background, creative still lifes, in it’s natural environment or exterior. Photos that serve for advertising, websites, social media and communication.

Would you like to show your beverage or liquids in its most aesthetical way?

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